The New Zealand horticulture sector traverses a number of key crop types in specific geographical areas.

Logan Stone from its base in Hawke’s Bay has gained invaluable knowledge and experience across the pip fruit, stone fruit, kiwifruit, olive and citrus sectors.  As a result of this experience we are recognised within the horticulture sector to  undertake valuation assignments in the key production areas throughout New Zealand on a regular basis.

The assignments undertaken include market value, insurance, financial reporting, rental and compensation.

Boyd Gross – Director / Registered Valuer 
(boyd NULL.gross null@null loganstone NULL.co NULL.nz)
mobile: + 64 21 270 3290

Jay (AD7Q5300)
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Jay Sorensen – Director/ Registered  Valuer 
(jay NULL.sorensen null@null loganstone NULL.co NULL.nz)
mobile: +64 27 498 9932