Property Management

Property ownership is a significant investment, made to protect and grow capital in an ever-changing market environment.

The complexities around ownership and occupation of commercial and industrial property continue to escalate.

Land rights, resource management, building regulations and the obligations and responsibilities imposed by occupation arrangements can be all consuming and have the potential to erode the benefits of ownership and occupation.

The Logan Stone property management team is focussed on on your investment and your objectives. We ensure that your contractual obligations are met, that your tenants are well informed and that opportunities to grow your investment are identified.

We provide a management service that is tailored to the needs of the client and the property.  Our professional property experts are supported by a chartered accountant to ensure that the financial management and compliance issues associated with investment are fulfilled and that timely and relevant management reports meet your needs.

Ben (DSC09975) - lighter (http://www NULL.loganstone NULL.png)Ben Hamelink – Graduate Valuer

mobile: +64 21 394 496


Cynthia (AD7Q5312) (http://www NULL.loganstone NULL.png)Cynthia  Bowers – Management Accountant

mobile: +64 27 443 2999