Sustainable Nutrient Management

Whether you are advising on, investing in or you own rural land, there are many changes occurring in regard to freshwater quality and the rules regulating it, that will likely impact on your decision making process.

Logan Stone has the expertise to provide nutrient budgets and farm environment plans that will satisfy Regional Council Requirements; along with Plans and advice if purchasing or selling property. Due to nutrient constraints impacting on the management of property, these will need to be considered in any property transaction or finance deal. A greater amount of due diligence will therefore be required in any property transaction or valuation.

A farm environmental management plan will become a key tool, and will likely influence the way people farm and their management processes. These plans need to be clear and accurate with any recommended changes having the least impact on the productivity, profitability and equity of your farm. For further advice in this evolving area, please contact Logan Stone today.


Jay (AD7Q5300) (http://www NULL.loganstone NULL.png)Jay Sorensen – Director / Qualified Nutrient Advisor 
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Hayley (AD7Q5308) (http://www NULL.loganstone NULL.png)Hayley Mortleman – Qualified Nutrient Advisor
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