Logan Stone is the only true single national provider of valuation services to the vineyard and wine sector within New Zealand.

We undertake valuation assignments in all the main growing areas on a regular basis and have a good knowledge and understanding of matters from within the vineyard through to the international drivers in the export markets. This knowledge ensures a robust and thorough understanding which is conveyed in the valuation reports and property assessments undertaken.

The valuation knowledge also extends to winery operations and the associated plant and equipment. The assignments undertaken include market value, mortgage, insurance, financial reporting, rental, compensation, strategic reviews and asset management.

Boyd Gross – Director / Registered Valuer 
mobile: + 64 21 270 3290

Jay (AD7Q5300) (http://www NULL.loganstone NULL.png)Jay Sorensen – Director / Registered  Valuer 
mobile: +64 27 498 9932