Cynthia Bowers

Cynthia Bowers

Management Accountant

Chartered Member of NZ Institute of Directors

Cynthia is Logan Stone’s management accountant, responsible for financial reporting to the directors and management of the day-to-day financial wellbeing of the business.

A former Chartered Accountant with considerable experience in both public practise and corporate accounting, Cynthia also undertakes a financial management and reporting role for the property management team.  With the combined property expertise of the valuers and Cynthia’s accounting expertise, Logan Stone offers a comprehensive property management and administrative service to clients.  Cynthia joined the Logan Stone team in 1997.

Away from work, Cynthia can be found walking, fishing, cycling on the region’s trailways and spending time on her rural lifestyle block, which is extensively planted in amenity trees.

Trust is extremely important to us. Integrity, confidentiality and honesty is a given in all that we do.

- Cynthia Bowers

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